SoLooK Digital Solutions represents a new kind of visual impressions and experience in the field of marketing-, info- and edutainment. SoLooK develops and produces a connection between the real and the virtual

Interactive DOOH

world and in this way creates a completely new emotional experience for our customers. SoLooK uses high-level strategy, stellar creative, convergent media and custom technology and marketing to help its clients shift from where they are to where they want to go. Born a digital company in 2005 as one of the pioneers of digital signage, augmented reality and addressable media, the cornerstone of SoLook’s reputation is based on measurably increasing efficiency, awareness and ROI. From its Canada based headquarters in Vancouver, BC, SoLooK has served the world’s most respected and recognizable brands with interactive, intelligent, scale-able digital solutions. We focus on the ‘what’ first, then the ‘how’. Content comes first, the choice of medium to convey it second. Whatever suits your message and audience best – whether in interactive media, web, video, or print – we make it, to measure. So Look!