Audience Measurement


Our Audience Measurement System (AMS) automatically detects and tracks viewers’ faces captured by high-resolution wide dynamic range sensors. Relying on proprietary, video analytics technology, the AMS generates true viewing data for digital displays and screens by analyzing face images of people watching the displays.The system is easy to set up and operate – all the operator needs to do, is to install and orient the sensors. The AMS does all the rest.

Features & Benefits

True audience counts: AMS provides a true count of impressions with an accuracy that surpasses any other direct or indirect measurement technology.

Detailed, real-time information

    : AMS provides more than just viewer counts. Demographics segmentation and face-towards time measurement allow better media planning and targeted advertising.


    : Viewer counts, behavior and demographics are obtained in real-time and can be used in the media streamer to select and possibly modify the advertisement, tailoring it to AMS.

Non Cooperative

      : AMS does not require audience cooperation for measurement or for gathering demographics, thus providing true and unbiased information.