Digital Signage Total Solutions


Today, digital signage is used in a wide variety of environments. In fact, it is difficult to think of a place that would not benefit from digital signage.

The most important aspect of any digital signage, kiosk or video wall system is the digital media content. Yet this most vital aspect is often overlooked or left until very last minute. You are your message and your message is your content. Here at SoLook Design we guide our clients to think about the message and content first. We understand that if the message is relevant, has purpose and is engaging then you will increase the probability of engaging your customers and gaining the required response to achieve your digital signage aims. We have the understanding, knowledge and experience to assess what will work for you and what won´t.

Below, is a list of places where you will notice digital signage:



Signs in airports showing flight information were first manual, then analog and today have become entirely digital. Today, airports also use digital signage to direct passengers toward baggage claim, shuttle services, terminal gates, immigration and naturalization, etc. Digital signage can be used as an emergency notification system to update passengers on a situation or the nearest exit route. News and weather forecasts can be seen on airport digital signage displays. Hotels and city-related information and general advertising services are also starting to become common uses of digital signage.



Digital signage has become popular in universities worldwide. Digital signage innovi educational facilities is used for updates on coming events, displaying news and other stories, information on the campus activities and facilities, emergency notifications, displaying sponsor ads, and in school cafés and restaurants as a digital menu.



Hospitals and clinics are some of the fastest adopters of digital signage. They provide relevant and timely information for patients, staff and visitors. They also give directions to visitors and patients in the facility and promote hospital services. Digital signage is an efficient and cost effective way for medical facilities to keep patients, staff and visitors informed at all times.



Public transportation is one of the fastest growing sectors taking advantage of digital signage. More and more, ads and information are being displayed digitally on buses, trains, shuttles, and in taxis. Digital signage is used in bus and train stations in major urban centers around the world to provide directions, updated information and promotions.



Retail is one of the most natural environments for digital signage and has been used by stores successfully for quite a while. Businesses can efficiently communicate with customers in the store to promote and provide information on products and services and to strengthen brand awareness. With dynamic digital signage, managers can set up and manage their signs easily in the store or from the corporate office to any number of stores. Different messages can be targeted to different locations and easily updated at any time from anywhere.


Shopping Malls

Shopping malls worldwide are placing digital signage to promote the businesses inside the mall. Malls are also using digital signage to display local news, information on shopping mall events, activities and facilities, advertisements, menu items in cafes and restaurants, and for emergency alerts.


Café & restaurants

In cafes and restaurants today, digital signage is used to provide rich, graphic and easily updatable menus, promote new deals or menu items, attract the attention of customers, promote brand awareness, decrease operational costs, and continue delivering messages even the business is closed.


In corporate spaces, digital signage is used to communicate with employees, provide information and updates on corporate events and activities in real-time, and to improve prospection of the company to your workers and visitors


Sporting facilities

Sports arenas and workout facilities use digital signage to display real-time/game time information and statistics, promotions and ads, important directions and emergency alerts.



Hotels, Spas and convention centers use digital signage to communicate information to guests and visitors about special events, activities and promotions and to display externally sponsored ads.



Theaters, cinemas and special event centers use digital signage to provide relevant and up-to-date information on shows and events, previews and to provide important directions to guests.